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We constantly develop our network among Application Engineers, Sales Engineers, Project Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, Automation Engineers connecting professionals working in the major suppliers & distributors of the automation & metering solutions: systems, controllers, metering units, sensors and the software. Professionals in Automation are usually specialized in some sector: General Process Automation, Oil & Gas, Flow control, Chemistry & Petro chemistry, Power generation, Transport etc. Customers need professionals familiar with certain specific devices/systems application. That makes our searches both easier and harder: it is clear where the potential candidates can be found but there only a few candidates in the market. Therefore the active networking and updating contacts with professionals are the main tools during the research.


our connections
Automotive industry in our market is a one of the most upgraded by technology, qualitatively, professionally. Both cars/tracks producers and parts suppliers are in our network. International companies based in Moscow, Kaluga, S. Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhniy Novgorod, Togliatti. Our connections with talents in automotive production covers General Management, Process Management – Metalforming, Coatings, Paints, Assembly. We also strengthening our access to the professionals of QA, Supply, EHS etc. Around the main producers of the cars/trucks we can see a huge industry of the OEM parts suppliers. Producers of steel, aluminium parts of chassis, car body panels, wheels; drives, electronic systems, hydraulic systems etc. Also important are the suppliers of plastic, rubber, textile parts, car glass and tyres. It is cruicial to have both search experience and connections within the key professionals among above industries We have both. Searching for engineers and managers we source around the regions to increase the list of candidates ready for relocation.

Building & Construction

access to industry
We are constantly looking for new ways to find the most professional Project Managers, Engineers, Architects and Designers. The industrial building projects are very important in our market: plants, depots, power plants, oil & gas refineries, chemical processing plants, water treatment sites etc. Also many of our searches related to the building roads, bridges, tunnels, airports etc. Finally the civil construction of the living & commercial buildings requires best architects, designers and managers. In addition we have the constant search practice for the customers-suppliers of various construction parts i.e. glass, facades, metal profiles, engineering systems, design & engineering services. Therefore the normal search map for the construction&building customer includes Design Bureaus, Engineering Companies, General contractors, Contractors, Subcontractors and sometimes customers and investors.

Chemical industry

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Our market is full of productions that consume lots of chemicals: additives, specialty chemicals, equipment, parts etc. Might be this is the reason why our search practices are so diversed. We have experience of searches for chemical, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers that buy chemical products. There is number of specializations based on technology i.e.: plastics, metallurgy, rubber, resins, paints, lubricants, pharmaceutical substances, food etc. We are constantly enhancing our search methods of talents identification in the chemical industry. People that work in the sector represent probably one of the most bright and smart professional society. It is a real pleasure to contact, discuss opportunities with these intelligent people. Surfing along the paths of the chemists and technologists professional circles connect us to more and more referred talents that could be brought to the customers.

Interior and Furniture

knowledge of the industry
This is rather vitally developing and competitive industry in Russia. There are a lot of furniture producers local and international that represent all the main technilogical and design trends. They produce various products from cheap to exclusive. Our experience is related to the recruitments of Designers and various Managers specialised in office, home:living & kitchens; commercial, industrial furniture and interiors solutions. Examples of positions fulfilled: Production Manager, Chief Designer, Project Manager and more.

Engineering & Design & Project Management

our industry related network
There is a number of main industries where we have significant search experience: Metalworking, Construction Materials, General Chemistry, Oil Chemistry, Gas Chemistry, Water treatment, Power Generation and Mining. Every specialisation require to identify professionals with certain background and knowledge of concrete technology.

We constantly update our network among talents who lead projects, make the sales of engineering services or machinery,manage production or sales operations or developing design projects.

As an example of the positions fulfilled: Technical Manager, Commissioning Manager, Production Manager, Contract Manager, Chief Project Engineer, Designer, HSE and more.

Our network and experience withing finance professionals is related to the main 2 roles: Finance Management and Finance Reporting. Fortunately we have enough resourses in our market to find talents skilled in financial planning, controlling, analysis, fundrising,leasing management etc. Also there is a good possibilities to identify right candidates for the Accounting/Reporting roles familiar with IAS, RAS, GAAP and consolidation,familiar with various ERP systems. We consider as strong point our diversified experience of finance professionals searches for vairous industries. Each industry has certain specifics that the best candidate match. Besides that the general competences level and the quality of financial skills are very important.Finally the good reputation of any candidate for the finance role should be disclosed and checked.

We constantly follow up the updates among talents who can successfully manage finance and bring positive contribution to the business.

Examples of the positions fulfilled: Finance Manager, Finance Controller, Reporting Manager, Financial Analyst, Chief Accountant and more.

General Manufacturing Industry

access to talents in manufacturing
The production are very diverse in our region. We have recruited professionals for various plants in our market: Car & Tracks building, Automotive parts production, Packaging, Plastics Processing, Paints Production, Printing, Oil Refineries, Metalworking, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Construction Materials, various assembly lines and more. There are enough professional management and process engineering resources in our market. To gather the richest short lists we chase for talents scattered among industries and far distances locations.

Examples of the positions fulfilled: Group Plant Manager, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Technical Manager, QA Manager, HSE Manager, Process Manager and more.

Our connections include companies and people operating in HVAC sphere: Producers of coolers, chillers, heat exchangers, fans, pumps, boilers, valves, underfloor heating and energy saving automation. We are experienced in sourcing among designing and engineering companies running HVAC projects. Construction and building companies can be auxiliary resource for the candidates research.

Examples of the positions fulfilled: Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Technical Manager, Application Engineer,Sales Engineer, Service Manager, Product Engineer, Designer HVAC and more.

Industrial Engineering

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Very important industrial engineering roles require the best educated and most capable professionals. The best talents normally have a list of successfully fulfilled industrial projects. Each industry requires professionals familiar with certain specifics of machinery, design, processes, safety, automation etc. Direct search and networking are our main methods to find the right candidates for power generating, metalworking, machinebuilding, wood processing, chemical, oil &gas, plastics processing and other industries.

Positions fulfilled: Chief Project Engineer, Contract Manager, Chief Designing Engineer, Sales Engineer, System Engineer, Process Engineer, Service Manager and more.

Retail is a one of the most complex and fine organised sectors and requires especially qualified and effective management teams. Each opening in retail is a bit special and the job content usually differs from similar functions in other businesses. Therefore it is important to identify talents that familiar with retail processes, it's quality requirements, effectivenes standards and fast work pace. Many leadership roles in retail are so unique that make us search for candidates among other market players in same industry only. Fortunately we can precisely apply the direct search methodology to access talents possessing really specific industry experience i.e. in food retail, fashion retail, pharmaceuticals, multibrand malls, DIYs, electronic devices, luxury etc.

Examples of searches: Head of Regional Business, Business Development Manager, Retail Development Manager, Retail Centre Manager, Mono Brand Retail Network Manager, Retail Chain Acquisition & Development Manager, Retail Project Start up Manager and other special roles dedicated to finance, controlling, supply chain, reporting etc.

Our experience of searches for the logistic roles embraces recruitments of various professionals skilled in transportation, storage, order operation, business development and other spheres. Among our customers are the reputable International operators, local logistic services providers and other companies that need to strengthen their logistic function.

Examples of searches: Branch Manager, Depot Manager, Security Manager, Logistic Manager, Transportation Manager for Liquid Cargo, Marine Transportation Manager, Railway Transportation Manager, Truck Transportation Manager, Business Manager for Logistics of Pharmaceuticals, Head of Logistics Fashion, Logistic Manager Machinery, Manager for Aftermarket Logistics, Manager Logistics for Non Food FMCG and other logistic roles.

Medical & Diagnostics

professional network
Medical devices product management, sales, application and technical support requires specific knowledge in a number of areas i.e. therapy, diagnosis, biochemistry and various subsections. That is besides general business skills which are necessary for successfull operation in the market: sales, customer support, market analysis, planning, marketing communication etc. Our customers are the reputable International producers of medical devices, diagnostic systems and IVD reagents.

Position fulfilled: Sales Manager, Product Manager, Application Manager, Regional Sales Manager and more.

In our market can be found various professionals specialised in steel technology, non-ferrous metals, special alloys, surface treatment and welding. There are engineers educated in general technology, QA, automation, EHS. Among those specialists are the professionals in Direct Sales, Design, Project Management, Technologies and Business Development.

Dedicated fulfilled roles: Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, Application Engineer for Vacuum Furnaces, Service Manager, Sales Manager for rolling mill lubriants, Sales Engineer for rolling mill drives and more. .

Metalworking technologies has been rapidly developing for the last 10 years in our market. Has been imported many complicated machines, tools, full lines and related equipment from Europe, Americas and Asia. All the functioning machinery needs professional service, parts, materials and upgrade. Our duty is to bring to our customers the best educated and experienced talents capable to deal with certain specific tehnology&equipment i.e. CNC machines, welding&cutting, cold forming, coil, metal surface treatment and more.

Examples of fulfilled positions: Country Manager, Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Application Engineer, Service Manager, Plant Manager and more.

Metering Telecom & Wireless

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Our network embraces professionals dealing with spectrum analyzers, scanners, radio frequency, signal generators, data transmission systems (digital VHF, HF, GSM, LTE, etc.), and TV and radio broadcasting. Direct search is our main method to access the right candidates in system integrators, devices suppliers, telecom operators and other users.

Positions fulfilled: Sales Engineer, Application Engineer, System Engineer, Service Manager, and more.

Our network embraces professionals dealing either with packaging materials productions or with the suppliers of process lines and equipment producing packagings i.e.tubes, films, combined films, caps, bottles, bags, adhesives or filling machinery either for liquid or solid products. For the precision of candidates' identification it's industrial expertise within certain technology can be important: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, non-food etc. Usually the direct search is our main method to access best talents experienced within various packaging solutions i.e. paper, plastics, metal packagings etc.

Positions fulfilled: General Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager, Plant Manager, Chief Process Manager, Technical Manager and more.

We are constantly strengthening our connections with the professionals among coating & painting industry. The most important areas are: industrial coatings, paints for plastics and rubber, glass, textile, metal and inks

Positions fulfilled: General Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager, Plant Manager, Chief Process Manager, Technical Manager, EHS and more.

Pharmaceuticals Sales and Marketing

connection to the professionals within the industry
Our network includes professionals among RX and OTC suppliers, both International and local companies, sales offices, full size daughter companies and representations. We have connections among management sales, marketing, medical management, registration, regulatory affairs and regional teams.

Industry related searches: Head of Marketing, National Sales Manager, Field Force Manager, Product Manager for Ethicals, Product manager for OTC, Medical Manager, Registration Manager and more.

We have an extended experience of searches for various pharmaceuticals production projects, including design, start up and renovation of the existing production lines, full process GLP technology: tableting, pelletizing, manufacturing of liquid dosage forms, injectables, biotechnological production, including obtaining API or packaging lines: blistering, tubes, glass packaging, and dispensers for injection.

Industry related searches: Plant Manager, Production Manager, Technical Manager, Process Manager and more.

Our wide network and connections embraces talents that deal either with API or adjuvants for the pharmaceutical industry. We are connected to the professionals in the International pharmaceutical companies, joint ventures and distributors of pharmaceutical substances & additives. We are constantly improving our access to the professionals in Sales, KAM, Marketing, Pharmaceutical substancies production and supply.

Industry related searches: Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Technologist and more.

Our wide network and connections embraces professionals working for the producers&suppliers of injection molding, extrusion lines, equipment for the production of molds, pre-forms, machines producing caps, tubes, pipes; thermal equipment, and also filling & closing lines.

Industry related searches: Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Technologist, Service Manager, Aftermarket Manager and more.

Power Generation & Transmition and Distribution

access to the professionals
Our connections include project, sales and technical support engineers operating in power generation & distribution: professionals working for the suppliers of dedicated equipment, parts, and automation. Besides that we are constantly strengthening our network among project managers and engineers in sub-contractors providing designing, engineering, erection and commissioning services.

Industry related searches: Chief Project Engineer, Contract Manager, Commissioning Manager, Engineers for: T&D, Low Voltage, High Voltage and Medium Voltage Equipment, Service Manager, Application Engineer and more.

System Integration and IT

access to the professionals
System integration is a one of the most complex sphere where only the most highly trained and capable managers and engineers can achieve success. We constantly strengthen our connections among professionals occupied in system integration projects either for basic process automation or ERP systems implementations within transport,logistics,energy, oil & gas, telecom, broadcasting, general business administration and other sectors.

Industry related searches: Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Engineer, System Engineer, Analyst, Designer for devices and systems, Software Developer, CTO, CIO and more.


access to the professionals
In a vast and rapidly growing "ocean" of wireless and wired technologies there are a lot of various highly specialized engineers occupied in specific projects and special solutions implementations. We stay connected and develop our network among managers and engineers specialized in Fiber Optic, switching, routing; wireless LTE, GSM, digital VHF, LW, metering and many other technologies. Among our contacts are both Managers selling devices, systems, projects, services and Engineers that capable to prepare and run telecom projects in our market.

Industry related searches: Project Manager, Sales Engineer, Product Engineer, System Engineer, Application Engineer, Technical Support Engineer and more.